Woman in prison speaks out after being convicted of murdering her husband in 2005

Wendi Mae Davidson, a former Texas veterinarian and mother of two, is currently serving a 25-year sentence for murdering her husband in 2005. She has now stated that she is prepared to present her side of the tale.

Davidson, who is serving a 25-year term for the death of her husband, Michael Severance, was seen on Tuesday morning in the TGC Jail records.

Former Texas veterinarian and mother of two Wendi Mae Davidson is currently serving 25 years in prison for murdering her husband in 2005. Now she said she is ready to tell her side of the story. https://t.co/SqgOo2YOoK

— ABC News (@ABC) March 26, 2022

“I did not kill him,” Davidson said in her first network interview from prison in 2021, on “ABC’s 20/20.” “I’d like to tell you my side of the story, what happened to me. I want people to know what happened and what didn’t.”

After pleading no contest to first-degree murder and two charges of tampering with evidence in October 2006, she maintains her innocence.

“I did what I did, and I believe it was dreadful; I believe I made a poor decision; there were better options available. I didn’t kill him, though “In a sneak peek to the prison interview, Davidson stated.

Davidson reported her husband, Air Force Staff Sgt. Michael Severance, missing in January 2005. Severance’s corpse was discovered two months later in a pond on a rural property approximately 20 miles outside of San Angelo, Texas, where the couple was living.

Severance was poisoned with animal tranquilizers and then stabbed 41 times after his death, according to his toxicology report. She first told authorities that the last time she saw her husband was the day before he disappeared, and that he was worried about being deployed and that “something horrible might happen.”

Severance had served in the Middle East five times and was preparing for his sixth deployment when he vanished.

Davidson already had a child from a previous marriage, and the couple had just celebrated the birth of their first child together. She said that Severance was suffering from the strains of family and job.

Severance’s three-hour round-trip commute to work, according to Davidson, prompted him to take caffeine pills, and she claimed she saw him drinking every afternoon. Despite what Davidson said, there was never any proof that her spouse had a drug or alcohol issue.