White House STUNNED By Quitting Announcement – Riots Break Out – Rittenhouse In Danger

Like a swarm of rodents leaving a sinking ship, White House staffers are bolting from their jobs in the Biden administration. It’s a bad sign for Joe’s stumbling regime.

A day after Kamala Harris’s cheif communications officer left, this time it’s Biden’s comms chief Emma Riley.

Of course, the White House will lie about it. It’s just a career move, they’ll say, or maybe a family issue. It has nothing to do with the President’s dismal 36 percent approval rating.

Sure. Just keep thinking that, and we’ll see what America thinks in 2022.

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A mob of rioters broke into a Louis Vitton store on San Francisco’s Union Square and looted the whole place. Not surprising in a city like San Francisco.

The media is advocating for mob justice in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, even though he was found not guilty. It’s lynching they want plain and simple. Jonathan Turley writes: “Like our politics and our media, the legal system has become a vehicle for collective rage; there is no room for doubt or deviation from our predispositions. Yet in denouncing “vigilante justice,” pundits and politicians seem to be advocating for a form of mob justice.”

Bill Maher slammed AOC and the squad for avoiding talking to any media that isn’t sycophantically supportive. Maher challenged AOC to come on his show, saying: “that will probably never happen because Democrats don’t go anywhere these days where they’re not being adored….And that’s my last bit of advice to them. Go where the “amen corner” isn’t. Do Fox News. Be brave. Come here. Go everywhere.’

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