White House rolls out Jill Biden to do damage control, Joe Biden shuffled to the side as midterms close in

The White House is engaging in a new campaign of damage control as First Lady Jill Biden was chosen to deliver a speech on Wednesday while the President silently stood by. The First Lady’s speech, delivered to a small gathering of supporters in Superior, Wisconsin, had the clear objective of cleaning up Biden’s mess.

Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech was a disaster, and the President’s aide’s solution is to take Joe Biden off the air and replace him with the First Lady for the time being.

The First Lady’s speech was essentially a long-winded spiel about how President Biden was a savior for an America that had allegedly suffered “four years of chaos” under former President Donald Trump.

Referencing former President Trump immediately undermined the intended goal of the speech as it recalled a time when we weren’t on the doorstep of nuclear war with Russia.

President Biden’s image is the worst of any President in recent history and everything President Biden has done has failed to improve his standing with Americans.

Poll after poll has steadily shown that over the past year, Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with his performance, and a large number even believe he isn’t fit to serve as President.

The First Lady innately understands how Americans see Biden isn’t fit for office and thus described the President saying, “[A]s Joe stood there, shoulders back, eyes shining with fierce optimism, I could see his determination to bring us together to lead us forward to a better America.”

The First Lady’s emphasis on the President’s body posture and intense looks shows just how desperate the situation has become. The midterm elections are right around the corner and Democrats are being weighed down by the President’s failings.

The question that remains is if the First Lady has the influence to truly sway the American public and rehabilitate President Joe Biden.

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