Waukesha Massacre COVERUP – 31 Confirmed DEAD – Biden’s Billionaire Secret

#WaukeshaMassacre is trending on Twitter. The media is trying to cover up the fact that a black nationalist Trump-hater just savagely murdered children and families at a parade. It’s not working. 

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A boat full of migrants has capsized in the English Channel – at least 31 are dead. Liberal immigration policy that encourages refugees to cross deserts and oceans in hope of free welfare is not humane – it’s murder.

“Scranton Joe” Biden is spending Thanksgiving weekend at the beach home of billionaire David Rubenstein. So can we all agree that his talking points about millionaires and billionaires are total bunk?

Aaron Rodgers is suffering from a broken toe – but he jokingly blamed the condition on covid. The woke scolds on Twitter didn’t get the joke, because they’re humorless idiots, and so Twitter was overwhelmed by thousands of tweets about how this could have been “avoided” if he got the vaccine. In response, Rodgers was forced to show his feet during a press conference to prove that he really just had a broken toe. I’m just shaking my head over here.

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The word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’

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