Voter Fraud STOPPED – Dems Get Death Blow – Top Republican BANNED

1) Texas stopped voter fraud in 2020. Here’s how:

Texas limits the use of mail-in ballots to those aged 65 and up, voters who will be out of their home county during the election period, voters whose disability makes it difficult or dangerous for them to vote in person, and those confined to jail but who are otherwise eligible. In Texas’ 2010 general election, only 1.8 percent of ballots were cast by mail.

Seeing evidence of the weaknesses inherent in vote-by-mail, the Texas Legislature voted to restrict ballot trafficking in 2017, outlawing the practice of campaign workers getting paid by the ballot to harvest votes from people’s homes. Coincidentally, in 2016 and 2017, the California Legislature approved two bills to decriminalize ballot trafficking—the two most populous states exchanged laws, swapping mail-in ballot safeguards for shadiness with the voters losing out.

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2) Will Republicans continue to make gains with Hispanic voters? It could be a death blow to Dems if so. Noah Rudnick writes:

One of the surprises on Election Night 2020 was how much Donald Trump gained among Latino voters, especially in such regions as Miami-Dade County and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas that had long been Democratic strongholds. Later Pew polling of 2020 voters would show that Hispanic voters nationwide went from voting in 2016 for Hillary Clinton by a margin of 38 percentage points to voting in 2020 for Joe Biden by a margin of only 21 percentage points. This is a potentially seismic shift: as the Hispanic population continues to grow, especially in large swing states, its voting power becomes more and more relevant to winning the Electoral College.

Last November, this shift came as a shock. But in retrospect, Democrats should have seen it coming—for a giant blinking red light appeared eight months before Election Day. Just as the 2016 presidential primaries foreshadowed Hillary Clinton’s weakness with white working-class voters—who abandoned her in droves during the primary to insurgent Bernie Sanders, then left the party entirely during the general election—Latino voters’ primary-voting patterns foreshadowed their eventual right turn.

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3) Twitter BANS Republican congressman:

Twitter locked Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks out of his official account early Saturday morning for a Tuesday tweet observing, “The title of first female four-star officer gets taken by a man” — a reference to transgender federal official Rachel Levine.

Banks is an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves, and has deployed to Afghanistan twice. Levine has no military experience, according to his page on Wikipedia, which refers to him as a woman.

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