U.S. President Joe Biden calls Vladimir Putin ‘A War Criminal’

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden dubbed Vladimir Putin a “war criminal.” For good reason: the autocrat’s forces have destroyed hospitals, schools, and other civilian institutions, massacred children without provocation, and are razing Ukrainian cities in an attempt to force them to submit.

For the first time, US President Joe Biden has referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “war criminal” in relation to his country’s murderous invasion of Ukraine.

It turns out that the resurrected Iran deal now under discussion contains a major sanctions relief for Russia’s nuclear projects in Iran, such as Rosatom’s $10 billion plan to expand the Bushehr reactor.

So the penalties that Biden touts as a harsh penalty for a war criminal turn out to be conditional on achieving a manifestly less important (and far worse) goal: restoring the Iran nuclear deal.

This is policy malpractice, aside from the heinous moral ramifications. It jeopardizes US interests elsewhere, as well as Ukraine, by signaling to Putin that we aren’t serious; if he waits, he may anticipate other sanctions to be lifted.

Aside from the heinous moral consequences, this is a bad policy. It puts US interests overseas in jeopardy, as well as Ukraine’s, by signaling to Putin that we aren’t serious; if he waits, he can anticipate more sanctions to be lifted.

Putin ordered a large-scale invasion of Ukraine three weeks ago, claiming that Russia’s operations are a “special military operation” aimed at demilitarizing and “denazifying” Ukraine and overthrowing its democratically elected government.

This is to resurrect a bad deal. The 2015 agreement was a disaster: it strengthened Iran and helped cement its status as a regional hegemon wannabe. One of President Donald Trump’s wisest foreign-policy moves was his departure.

According to a DOJ source, the Biden administration has hesitated to arrest conspirators in the Bolton conspiracy because of concern that it might jeopardize efforts to resurrect the nuclear deal.

The talking points from Team Biden resemble those from the 2015 deal, claiming that it is the only option to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining a nuclear weapon. However, the previous agreement put Iran on track to “officially” becoming a nuclear state, and the latest one is likely to achieve the same.