Turley: Hillary Clinton to avoid ‘direct responsibility’ for role in ‘disinformation campaign’ against Trump

On Friday’s “Special Report,” Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley predicted that Hillary Clinton would avoid taking “direct responsibility” for advancing charges of former President Trump’s cooperation with Russia.


Hillary Clinton has always had a Voldemort-like reputation as the woman who must never be identified in a scandal. The Clintons have managed to escape direct involvement in a number of controversies. And here was her campaign manager, effectively tipping his former boss and saying, “Look, she approved it. She knew about it.”

The reason this is significant is that this claim was completely absurd. It had no foundation. It was promptly dismissed by government officials, and when it was examined, it was found to be without merit. Nonetheless, the Clinton campaign pushed it.

Jake Sullivan, now the national security adviser, and Clinton herself promoted the Alfa Bank claim. But keep in mind that when President Obama was in office, he was briefed about Hillary Clinton’s plans to file a Russian connection accusation against Trump in order to get out of her own email problems during the campaign.

And now we have someone stating, “Yeah, she green-lighted the Alfa Bank claims,” which were absolutely unfounded.

I expect the Clintons will avoid taking direct responsibility for some of these controversies, as they have done in the past. With the exception of making false statements to federal investigators, there isn’t much that can be filed against a wide range of people.

That is why the special counsel inquiry, if he can deliver a report that eventually sheds light on how this unprecedented campaign evolved via the Clinton campaign, is so crucial.