Tucker KNIFES Him – Biden Coverup Exposed – Left Pro-Rape

1) Tucker Carlson absolutely KNIFES Barack Obama with this killer segment.

2) Biden’s Amtrak Lie is being covered up by the media. John Nolte writes:

On Monday, and for the fifth time in about a year, His Fraudulency Joe Biden told a fake story riddled with lies about his experience with an Amtrak train conductor.

The timeline is crucial.

Biden clearly says, “seven years into my vice presidency.”

Seven years into his failed vice presidency would be 2015.

Biden says he would “go home to see my mom, who was living with us at the time.”

Biden’s mother died in 2010.

Biden says, “a lot of the folks on Amtrak became my family. Not a joke. I’d ride every day. I commuted every single day for 36 years as vice president of the United States after my wife and daughter were killed.”

Biden did not commute home on Amtrak every single day during his vice presidency.

So over and over and over and over and now, over again, Biden tells this audacious lie, and you can see why. First off, even though they know he’s lying, the fake media do not make him pay any political price for this lie. Secondly, the lie allows him to remind people about the tragedies in his life (the loss of his wife, daughter, and parents). Finally, it allows him to pose as Amtrak Joe and pretend that he was in touch with the little people even as vice president.

Read the full story here. 

3) Is the left pro-rape? Dan Gelernter writes:

Does the Left claim that society is irretrievably sexist because they themselves are sexist? They talk a good game on women’s rights, but they side with the alleged rapist and against the victim in the Loudoun county rape case. Bill Clinton continues to be welcomed and adored in polite Beltway company and elite academia, even though he has an epic record of sexual predation. And his wife Hillary was perfectly willing to help disparage and discredit Bill’s accusers for the sake of her own power. All of Hollywood knew for years everything the public now knows about Harvey Weinstein, but they still went to his parties, and continued to do so right up until their private knowledge became public.

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