Tucker Carlson: Red flag laws will not end mass shootings but will end due process

Joe Biden’s spokesperson recently stated flatly that he intends to run for president again in 2024.

Following the killings in Buffalo and Uvalde a few weeks ago, you start to hear folks on TV discussing red flag regulations.

They told us that the government could actually put an end to mass shootings tomorrow by just taking guns away from mass shooters before they carried out their crimes. It’s not difficult.

In fact, it’s such a simple answer that you’ll wonder why we haven’t done it already. Who doesn’t want to keep major shootings from happening? Only the gun lobby, that is. Everyone else is concerned about the youngsters.

So, unsurprisingly, many Americans now say they want red flag legislation, and why wouldn’t they? Supporting Black Lives Matter, fighting climate change, receiving the COVID vaccine, and standing with Ukraine’s heroic people are just a few examples. Red flag regulations appear to be one of those concepts that no reasonable person could reject.

Do you want guns in the hands of insane people? You don’t, of course. Who would want to do that? So, of course, you support red flag regulations, and we may soon see red flag walks all across the country. So, if we do, what does that mean?

There are two things you should be aware of. First and foremost, red flag laws will not prevent mass shootings, but they will prevent the due process. Due process is a basic concept, yet it is the foundation of all that makes America great.

Citizens cannot be penalized in our legal system unless they have been charged with a crime. Politicians cannot just decide to harm you, put you in handcuffs, imprison you, or seize your property because they disagree with how you think or vote. No.

They must go through a legal process to describe the precise legislation you breached and how you broke it before they can punish you. They’ll have to back it up with evidence.