Tucker Carlson: People are sick of the woke madness

Tucker Carlson breaks down the massive movement sweeping the country. (Partial transcript below)


This seems like the perfect moment to rethink what we thought we knew about American politics, the way the country runs, and the laundry list of lies that we have been force-fed for the past year. Now is the moment. Because clearly, we’re at an inflection point.

Last night, if you were to sum it up in a single phrase, we’ve had enough. There’s a limit to which you can push the American population before they gently and politely push back through democratic means. And that’s exactly what we just saw.

It is now impossible to deny that this country is in the middle of some kind of political realignment, and the people who run our country did not see it coming. There are a lot of examples here, the obvious ones that the not so obvious. Just start with the latter.

In Texas last night, Republicans just flipped an overwhelmingly Hispanic district, one that went for Joe Biden by 14 points a year ago. Fourteen points. Because, of course, Hispanic districts go Democrat because Hispanics are Democrats, right? Well, the Republican in that district, John Lujan, won, and he won by calling for the one thing you’re not allowed to call for in an overwhelmingly Hispanic district: Border security. Countries have borders. Everybody understands that no matter what color they are, it turns out.

Meanwhile, in a place that looks very different from the southern parts of Texas, Minneapolis – really the cradle of anxious White liberalism, the place where the defund the police first sounded like a good idea – in Minneapolis, voters overwhelmingly rejected a measure to defund their own police and get rid of their police department. Turns out we need police even in Minneapolis. That’s dawned on them.

And then in the state of New Jersey, a truck driver who spent a total of $150 on his campaign is, as of right now, beating the longtime president of the New Jersey state Senate. And it’s not mindlessly populist to suggest he’ll probably be better, actually.

But the headline is the party that is calling for firing truck drivers is suddenly losing elections to truck drivers, and if that’s not sweet, we don’t know what the word means.

Meanwhile, the governor of that state, the self-appointed king of New Jersey, the finance goon Phil Murphy, was, of course, going to win his race by some massive margin. It’s New Jersey, it’s a machine state. Joe Biden won it by 16 points a year ago.

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