Tucker Carlson mocks CNN’s ‘Democracy in Peril’ show: ‘Jim Acosta learned a new word’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson barely even had to raise his voice Friday to pan CNN anchor Jim Acosta’s “Democracy in Peril” program.

Instead, Carlson went a different route: He sarcastically recommended that his viewers watch Acosta’s show.

As The Wrap reported, Acosta didn’t shy away from criticizing Carlson on “Democracy in Peril” last week. In fact, according to Mediaite, Acosta even used the CNN special to link Carlson to the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

On Friday, Carlson said Acosta appears to have “learned a new word.” And Carlson’s mocking of Acosta was just getting started.

“Jim Acosta learned a new word this week,” he said. “That doesn’t happen very often, but when it does happen, Acosta likes to show off his new vocabulary like a dog prancing around your living room with a mouthful of roadkill.”

“He’s thrilled. Now the word he’s learned is called ‘democracy.’ Jim Acosta has no idea what that word means, but he does like the sound of it. It’s got a weighty ring to it. So, he’s showed off the new word on his new show on CNN, which pretty much no one else in America saw, but we did. Here it is.”

Carlson then played a number of clips from “Democracy in Peril” in which Acosta claimed over and over again that America’s democratic system of government is under attack.

“So you really gotta watch that show with a pen and paper,” Carlson said.

“Do you follow that? It is democracy’s winter of discontent, ladies and gentlemen,” he added, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “Democracy’s on a collision course with peril, which is both dire and urgent in a highly threatening and a very troubling way. We’ve got to act now, or democracy could die on the table, terrified and alone, only to be carted off to the city morgue and get dumped in a pauper’s grave.”

Carlson ended the segment by once again encouraging his viewers to tune in to Acosta’s program.

“Honestly, you really should watch Jim Acosta’s show. It’s amazing,” he said.

If Carlson’s fans took his advice, it might help improve CNN’s lagging ratings.

“Acosta averaged only 561,000 viewers through the first three episodes of his primetime audition, while Fox News’ time slot competition ‘Hannity’ averaged 3 million viewers during the same period,” Fox reported.

“Acosta’s primetime debut also shed viewers from the 774,000 that ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ attracted during November before the liberal network canned its biggest star.”