Trump Launches MAJOR Attack – Biden DEVASTATED – Dems Try To Starve Unvaccinated

President Trump just launched a major attack on Republican governor Brian Kemp.

Speaking of the radical socialist Stacey Abrams, who ran against Kemp in 2018, Trump noted that the media praised her for alleging voter fraud, while calling his protests about the 2020 vote a danger to the republic.

“Of course, having her I think might be better than having your existing governor (Republican Brian Kemp), if you want to know the truth,” he noted. “Might very well be better,” he added.

I dislike Kemp very much. I’m tired of all the RINO’s who are fair-weather friends and I’d love to see them destroyed by good solid conservatives in the primaries. But I don’t think I agree with Trump that communist radicals like Stacey Abrams would be better.

Trump needs to stay focused on fighting on issues that Americans care about, rather than fighting personal battles in public. We need a border. We need voting reform. We need a strong presence in the world. If Trump talks about those things, he’ll win a second term.

If he gets involved in petty battles that the average American doesn’t care about, we could end up getting 4 years of Kamala Harris. And that’s a true worst-case scenario.

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