Trump family rocked by subpoenas for Don Jr. and Ivanka | and more…

Two members of the Trump family were just subpoenaed in an ongoing probe into the Trump real estate business in New York. The witch hunt is still on.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is conducting a meandering and politically motivated witch hunt that is casting a wide net in an effort to gain her publicity, and perhaps even a shot at the Democratic candidacy in 2024. Now she wants to talk to Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

Democrats are using their law enforcement power to attack their political enemies – and possibly throw them in jail. Donald Trump is the only thing standing between the Republican party, and a single-party banana republic-style dictatorship. If they can get him, what can’t they do to the rest of us?

J.D. Vance put it well:

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Elon Musk is saying that humans will be on Mars within the decade. I have no doubt he will, if the government will get out of the way.

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“There is a legitimate argument over whether the death penalty effectively deters violent crime, although my personal observation is that not one of the criminals who have been executed over the years has ever killed again.” ― Dinesh D’Souza, 

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