Trump Enemy DIAGNOSED – Kamala Lives In Infamy – US Troops DEPLOYED

It’s easy to forget about the charade that was the Mueller investigation – a years-long hoax perpetrated on the American people and their duly-elected president. But one moment in the investigation stands out even after years – Robert Mueller’s testimony before the US Congress.

Mueller’s testimony exposed the to main truths about the Russia investigation. One, it was a sham. There was no “there” there. And second, Robert Mueller, the man supposedly in charge, was in serious cognitive decline, and unable to answer basic questions. 

Hoax ringleader Adam Schiff ended up regretting his decision to pursue Mueller’s testimony, he writes in his new book, “Midnight in Washington.” The reason? Mueller’s answers left much to be desired, according to Schiff, who suggested that the former special counsel and FBI director’s cognitive abilities had declined.

“Schiff had sent Mueller a handwritten note to help convince him to appear before Congress, and he writes that it was ‘heartbreaking’ to then see Mueller struggle to answer basic questions,” CNN reported.

According to Schiff, Intelligence Committee Democrats had to rethink their strategy after watching Mueller testify before the Judiciary Committee.

“No questions calling for a narrative answer,” Schiff recalled telling the Democrats on his committee. “No multipart questions. If you think your question may be too long, it is. Cut it down.”

That’s right. Adam Schiff knew that Mueller wasn’t cognitively functional – and instead of calling a halt to the whole charade, he tried to cover it up. That right there tells you everything you need to know about Schiff.

You can read the full story here. 

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