Top Republican INDICTED – Sex Scandal ROCKS Anti-Trumpers – Pelosi Gets Bad News

The FBI and DOJ have indicted a Republican congressman after setting him up by feeding him information through an informant and then interviewing him to see if he regurgitated the same info to them.

When he didn’t, they charged him with lying to them. This is the Deep State at its worst.

“Prosecutors ordered an informant to give Rep. Fortenberry information he didn’t know then waited nearly a year to send FBI agents to surprise him at home to ask about it. Despite Rep. Fortenberry’s efforts to cooperate, when he didn’t recall details the government’s informant had been directed to describe to him nearly a year earlier prosecutors waited until the Biden Administration was in power and then brought multiple charges that had nothing to do with their campaign finance investigation,” said Fortenberry spokesman Chad Kolton.

“This set up of a highly effective and well-respected member of Congress is another alarming example of a Justice Department and FBI that are out of control and destroying the lives and reputations of far too many Americans.”


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