Top Democrat Mystery Illness – Biden Dragged Into Court – Horror Kills Kids

Gavin Newsom has not been seen in public since he received his booster shot. Since the California governor has not made any appearances at events or on the media circuit. Speculation about why this is so is rampant, with many wondering if Newsom’s disappearance from public view means that he’s suffering from an adverse vaccine reaction.

Most tellingly, Newsom missed a scheduled appearance at the Glasgow climate change conference. For Newsom, a politician with national aspirations, the speech would have been a key moment in the spotlight – it’s hard to believe that he wouldn’t attend unless something was seriously wrong.

Newsom might very well be a leading Democratic candidate in 2024, so we’ll keep an eye on this one.

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26 U.S. states are suing the Biden administration over the vaccine mandate. He’s definitely losing middle America, the question is whether other states will join as well. Regardless, Biden will have to defend his terrible mandate in court.

Eight concertgoers, all young people or children, were killed in a stampede at Astroworld Festival during a performance by rapper Travis Scott. Police slammed organizers for taking 40 minutes to stop the chaos and revealed that some of those who died had been trampled as they tried to escape over railings.

Fox competitor Newsmax has announced that it will comply with the Biden administration vaccine mandate. This is cowardly and abject, and conservative viewers should take notes. These are just fake conservatives trying to make money off of real ones.

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