Top Democrat mayor and presidential candidate Bill DeBlasio is out of politics | and more…

New York mayor Bill DeBlasio is leaving office – and good riddance to him.

DeBlasio showed exactly how badly ideology can screw up a city. As Michael Godwin writes:

The results of de Blasio’s sorry act are inescapable. The surging crime, the hatred and routine disrespect for police, homeless encampments and roving maniacs, filthy streets, failing schools, boatloads of money wasted on stupid ideas — these are the consequences of the Worst Mayor Ever.

There are numerous candidates for his biggest failing, but the most consequential was his handcuffing of cops, which was most dramatic during the riots and looting in the summer of 2020, and has continued ever since. Growing out of the protests over the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the mayhem and destruction had nothing to do with police reform and everything to do with crime.

He was NYC’s worst mayor ever – but don’t assume he’s gone for good. I’m sure he’s delusional enough to run for NY governor or president again. Are Democrats delusional enough to vote for him?

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