Top Democrat Eric Swallwell caught maskless in Florida | and more…

Yet another top Democrat, this time presidential candidate and congressman (and stooge for a Chinese spy) Eric Swalwell, has been caught vacationing maskless in Florida. The Daily Mail reports:

Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell appears to be following in the footsteps of fellow liberal Alexandria Ocasio Cortez by taking a trip to mask-and mandate-free Florida – just days after lashing out at Republicans for ‘prolonging’ the coronavirus pandemic.

The California Democrat has accused conservatives of being responsible for the latest covid wave and blamed them for ‘canceled vacations’ and for having to go back to wearing ‘masks everywhere,’ last week.

But it seems Swalwell, himself, however, was able to go ahead with his holiday travel plans and ditch his mask just days later, when he was spotted hanging out at the posh Loews Miami Beach Hotel.

They just can’t help themselves. Despite ripping Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on his level-headed approach to the pandemic, top liberal stars can’t stay away from the paradise that he’s created.

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Daily Mail:

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