Top Dem Retiring – Merrick Garland PERJURY – Biden ATTACKS

1) Another congressional Democrat is retiring – more bad news for Pelosi. The Daily Mail reports:

Representative G. K. Butterfield is today set to become the latest Democrat to quit the House two weeks after a new congressional map was carved up in a boost to the GOP.

He becomes the seventh House Democrat from a battleground district to announce he won’t be running for re-election next year, along with nine other Democrats in safer seats.

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2) Merrick Garland PERJURY Bombshell – did he lie to Congress? Kaylee McGhee White writes:

An internal FBI email shows that Attorney General Merrick Garland was not truthful — or at least not accurate — when he insisted that the Justice Department is not using counterterrorist tools to combat parents who are unruly at school board meetings or who threaten school board members.

Contrary to Garland’s testimony, the FBI is using its Counterterrorism Division to investigate parents suspected of making threats. Did Garland not know about this at the time of his testimony? Or did he intentionally mislead lawmakers?

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3) Biden is attacking American families with an army of new IRS agents.

Republicans on Thursday attacked President Joe Biden‘s plans to step up Internal Revenue Service enforcement to helping pay for his spending proposals, warning it would double the number of audits in the next 10 years.

Worst hit, they say in a new memo, will be families earning less than $75,000, who will account for half the audits while about a quarter would affect Americans earning less than $25,000 per year.

‘President Biden wants to double Americans’ chances of getting audited in order to squeeze every single dollar they can from American families and small businesses to fund the most expensive piece of legislation in history,’ House minority leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News, which first reported the memo.

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