“The View” co-hosts launch disgusting attacks at conservative Supreme Court Justices

The famously unbalanced and unreasonable co-hosts at ABC’s “The View” launched a series of disgusting attacks on conservative Supreme Court Justices during Thursday’s showing of the controversial daytime talk show. 

The attacks came as the panel discussed President Biden’s promise to nominate a Black woman to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

During the discussion, Sunny Hostin made the ridiculous claim that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who is African American, “doesn’t really represent the Black community.”

Not to be outdone, Joy Behar also slandered Justice Thomas, saying he was “to the right of Attila The Hun.” Of course, this isn’t the first time that Justice Thomas has discovered that because of his constitutional beliefs, he is no longer African-Americans.

The left has been making gross attacks on Justice Thomas for decades as he is a major obstacle to both the progressive agenda and the leftist narrative around the “inherent racism” of conservative beliefs.

Unfortunately, Justice Thomas wasn’t the only Supreme Court Justice to be slandered by the level-headed intellects on “The View.” Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett found out that apparently, she isn’t a woman.

Joy Behar attacked Barrett saying she was a “white woman” picked for her pro-life stance. Behar specifically used air quotes when she said the word woman, implying that Justice Barrett is somehow not a woman because she doesn’t hold progressive views.

Sadly the disgusting racism and sexism from “The View” are going nowhere. For now, the Supreme Court will continue to be subjected to these terrible attacks until Americans rise up and reject progressivism at every level in American society.