The US military gathered across Europe as the Pentagon assesses Putin’s Ukraine War.

While Russia continues to surround Ukrainian cities and destroy civilian targets, the Pentagon has sent 12,000 soldiers to NATO member countries within striking distance of Ukraine.

President Joe Biden has stated that those forces will not fight for Ukraine┬ábut rather will serve as a reminder to Russian President Vladimir Putin that any advance beyond Ukraine’s borders into NATO territory will result in direct warfare.

The 82nd Airborne Division, with about 5,000 troops, is the largest component of US combat power in Poland, training with Polish forces and providing humanitarian aid as more than one million Ukrainians have fled their country.

V Corps, based in Fort Knox, Kentucky, will deploy 300 extra soldiers to Germany and Poland next week, the majority of whom will be administrative.

Another 7,000 troops are on their way to Europe, many of them from the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team. The Army was forced to use vehicles and armor already stationed on the continent due to the fast mobilization.

M1 Abrams tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, Paladin artillery systems, and other heavy combat vehicles and equipment are among the items in the stockpile.

Last week, the 173rd Airborne, located in Vicenza, Italy, dispatched 800 paratroopers to Latvia. In addition, the Pentagon has transferred at least eight F-35 Joint Strike Fighters from Germany to the front lines of NATO.

As the battle continues, NATO is bolstering its front lines with tens of thousands of troops from France, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

Meanwhile, an arms mission created by US European Command is supplying Ukraine with missiles and other equipment to fend against the Russian assault. So far, Ukrainian forces have been able to halt much of Russia’s advance, retaining control of many of the country’s major cities.

As Ukraine fends off Russia’s attempts to take over┬áthe country, the military’s U.S. European Command has become the organizer of a worldwide coalition of states delivering weaponry and security supplies to the country.