The media was lying about Ron DeSantis | Fall of Kabul | And more….

Ron DeSantis is enemy #1 of the Biden administration and the White House and its media allies have been doing their darndest to smear DeSantis with the responsibility for the Delta variant surge.

They’re failing.

RedState reports:

As the media narrative goes, Florida has been uniquely terrible combating the Delta variant, despite the fact that 93% of seniors in the state have had at least one dose of the vaccine. Further, as the left’s claim goes, the lack of mask mandates is solely to blame for the surge and if that evil Ron DeSantis would just impose them, everything would be fine.

My response to that has been consistent: COVID appears to be seasonal, and certain parts of the country will see waves at different times, just like we saw in 2020. That Florida and Texas, who both had a wave around this same time last summer, are seeing that happen again is not proof that they are doing “something wrong.” Rather, the timing is cyclical, and my assertion on that will be proven correct, as we see spikes in other states begin to occur.

Well, things are happening just as predicted, and it’s crushing the media narrative in the process.

Honestly, I’m sick and tired of repeating myself on this point, but I will keep doing it anyway. The correlation between mask mandates and spread does not exist. That may make the fact-checkers on social media uncomfortable, but the data is on my side, and all I can do is share that data. Anyone that doubts that COVID is seasonal and can’t be defeated by mask mandates can check back in three months. We will have seen the same spikes in the same states at around the same time, whether those states have a mask mandate or not.

Will the media ever apologize to DeSantis? Certainly not.

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