The FBI takes a major blow after Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping verdict overturned

The historic kidnap plot trial of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ended with no convictions on Friday, dealing a blow to the government after it failed to persuade a jury that four men were domestic terrorists out to kill her because of her COVID-19 restrictions.

Daniel Harris was found not guilty on all four counts, while Brandon Caserta was found not guilty on one count of abduction conspiracy, therefore both men are free to leave.

Since the jury was deadlocked on the accusations against Adam Fox and Barry Croft, the case has been declared a mistrial.

The United States Attorney’s Office in Grand Rapids announced that the men will be retried and that it is “obviously” disappointed with the case’s outcome.

Whitmer voiced concern in a statement made after the verdicts that the case’s conclusion would incite future extremists.

“The kidnapping and killing of a governor may seem to be an anomaly. However, we must be honest about what it is: the product of violent, divisive discourse that is all too often in our country. “According to Whitmer.

“Those who commit heinous crimes must face accountability and punishment. Extremists will gain confidence if they are not held accountable,” Whitmer continued.

Witnesses said that the group conspired to blow up a bridge near Whitmer’s vacation home to slow down law enforcement and that they experimented with explosives to do so – an accusation that spurred the weapons of mass destruction charges, which carried a life sentence.

The purported kidnapping plan included kidnapping Whitmer from her cottage, driving her to Lake Michigan’s shoreline, loading her into a boat, and either leaving her adrift in the lake or bringing her to Wisconsin to be hanged.

Don’t kid yourself: none of this happened by chance shortly before the 2020 election. There’s no doubt in my mind that the FBI and DOJ wanted Donald Trump to lose, and what better way to accomplish so than by making it appear as if his fans were domestic terrorists?