Texas lawmakers accuse Biden of refusing to meet with the family of a Marine veteran imprisoned in Russia.

Republican Texas Representative August Lee Pfluger said allegations that Biden refused to meet with the family of Taylor Reed, a Marine veteran imprisoned by the Kremlin, “disappointing.”

Texas lawmakers chastised President Joe Biden on Tuesday for allegedly declining to meet with the family of a former Marine imprisoned in Russia.

Pfluger stated. “It would be difficult to find two better people to meet with in Texas than the parents of US Marine veteran Trevor Reed, who has been wrongfully incarcerated in Russia for over 930 days,”

“Last year, both chambers of Congress passed my bipartisan, bicameral resolution calling for Trevor’s immediate release and encouraging the administration to utilize all means necessary to ensure his release.” According to Pfluger.

“I strongly urge him to reconsider his decision and quickly meet with Paula and Joey Reed.” Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn echoed Pfluger’s sentiments.

Biden and his team are in charge of the administration “More needs to be done to liberate Americans taken captive in Russia.

Meeting with the Reed family while in Texas on a day when he is emphasizing the necessity of caring for our troops would be a good place to start “he stated.

The former Marine’s health is said to be deteriorating in Russia’s jail system.

According to a story, his parents’ desire to meet with Biden was denied due to deteriorating tensions between the White House and the Kremlin.

Joey Reed, the former Marine’s father, told Fox News, “We’re really upset about it and we… certainly wish we just had a couple more minutes to talk to him.” “When our son was vice president, he defended [Biden] in Camp David.”