Texas Governor resurrected the project to build a border wall halted by President Biden.

In an exclusive interview, Governor Greg Abbott stated, “Texas is the first state to ever construct a border wall.” “A majority of the border wall is being built with border wall material that was purchased from contractors who built the wall for President Trump under a contract.” “We’re rebuilding the same wall.”

After President Joe Biden delayed federal border wall work for a review on his first day in office, Gov. Greg Abbott declared that construction has begun.

The Biden administration provided the state with a large number of 30-foot wall panels for use in the construction of a border wall. The materials were acquired through federal contracts that expired in January 2021.

“Furthermore, a countless number of people watched on news a lot of these border wall elements, like these, that taxpayers had paid for,” the governor said. “Biden decided not to build the wall.”

“We discovered a method, by going through the federal government’s excess program, to get these border wall panels for Texas, and we got as much as we could until Biden found out about it,” Abbott added. “He made it impossible for Texas to obtain it. There may be additional avenues via which we can obtain more.”

“Three billion dollars of Texas public money has been given to this cause of Texas protecting the border, and so we have a lot of money available to us to continue to build the wall,” Abbott said.

Adding, “For one reason, it will cost less for Texas than it did for the Trump administration.” And that’s because, unlike the Trump administration, we don’t have to spend money to acquire land in Texas… Texas possesses [land] on both sides of the border.

“The simple fact is that the border wall panels that Biden was permitting to be placed on the ground will be up and guarding and securing the Great State of Texas,” he said.