Terrifying New Mutation – Dems Wail ‘We’re F—ed’ – Fake Republicans AWARDED

It’s Deja vu all over again, or more appropriately Deja Nu. Rick Moran writes:

Did you hear? There’s a new coronavirus variant loose upon the land. It’s bigger, taller, faster, more lethal, and more deadly than any other variant in history. They call it the “Nu” variant because nu is the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet and this is the 13th variant discovered.

…This Nu variant is actually a godsend because it fulfills the number one dictum for the left’s hysteria machine: never let a crisis go to waste. And number 2 is, if a crisis doesn’t exist, create one.

We knew this would happen. We knew that humans cannot stop pandemics once loosed (thanks China.) The only solution is to mitigate the disease until the human immune system develops global resistance. In the meantime, our rights are being taken away for every new emergency.

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From the Daily Wire: ‘Too Late; We’re F***ed’: Democrats Panic Over 2022 As Surveys Show Their ‘Entire Brand’ A ‘Wreck’.

A new “super mutant” Covid variant is emerging in Africa. Yet another reason to give up our rights? Just as the panic over the Delta variant is subsiding, the Covid tyrants have another reason to imprison us.

The New York Times honored Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger as “Republicans We’re Thankful For.” I’ll take “clues that you aren’t actually a Republican” for $200, please.

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