Taliban leader drops the hammer on big tech [VIDEO] | Pence run | Reporters trapped |And more…

The Taliban is celebrating in Kabul after taking back the country in a matter of days. But their victory not only shows the weakness of US military power – it also shows that American society is weakening and foundering.

After being asked by a questioner about the Taliban’s stance on free speech, one leader fired back, telling the questioner to Facebook why it censors the free speech of Americans.

It’s a good point, actually.

Turns out that Facebook and the Taliban have a lot in common.

And both of them should be broken up.

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The Taliban is partying hard after taking Kabul. If Trump was president, they’d be in bunkers, not bumper cars. 

New York Times and Washington Post reporters are trapped in Afghanistan.

New Zealand is locking down after a single covid case. This won’t end well. 

Mike Pence is ramping up his 2024 run. 

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