Taiwan scrambles fighter jets as China invades airspace

We may be closer to WWIII than we think.

National Review reports:

Taiwan scrambled combat aircraft after Chinese jets flew through Taiwan’s air defense zone on Sunday, days after several U.S. lawmakers concluded a surprise visit to the island nation.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said 18 fighter jets from mainland China’s air force, along with five H-6 bombers and a refueling aircraft, flew through the defense zone near the southern part of the island. Taiwan scrambled its own air force to respond and deployed missile systems…

If the current provocations of China remind you of another dictatorial aggressor in the 1930’s, you’re not alone. There’s no doubt that China’s belligerence is risking world war.

Now its just a question of how the US responds. We need strength, not appeasement.

Unfortunately, with Joe Biden in the White House, strength is the last thing the world will get from us.