#1: Biden Administration Makes SHOCKING Confession – I Can’t Believe This

State Department admits possibility Palestinian aid will fund Hamas arsenal https://t.co/faXGEaAAYi — Fox News (@FoxNews) May 24, 2021 Perhaps they should ratchet down the sanctimonious lectures, given that the rockets raining down on Israeli citizens were likely paid for by U.S. tax dollars that the Biden Admin gave the Palestinian Authority—and Biden wants to give […]

#1: New Evidence BLOWS OPEN Epstein Case – I Can’t Believe This

JUST IN – The two prison guards looking after Jeffrey Epstein have admitted they "falsified records" the night he died in a New York jail. — Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) May 21, 2021 We are being ruled by criminals who play by a different set of rules. "Jeffrey Epstein's prison guards who 'slept and browsed the […]

#1: Nancy Pelosi BUSTED – This Is Insane

She’s a total joke. Speaker Pelosi went to the White House yesterday. She didn’t wear a mask. The day before, she fined Republicans for not wearing a mask on the House floor. Typical hypocrisy from the Left. — Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) May 21, 2021

#1: Democrats Do The UNTHINKABLE – Disgraceful And Disgusting

NEW from the floor: 217 Democrats just voted against providing #Israel emergency aid to replenish its Iron Dome system and defend itself from terrorist rocket attacks. They didn’t deny Israel weapons. They denied Israel its shield. Think about that. — Jim Banks (@RepJimBanks) May 20, 2021 #Israel is our top ally in the Middle East, […]

#1: Pelosi Announces SHOCKING Ban – This Is Getting Insane

'Don't even come to the floor': Pelosi warns she could ban GOP's unvaccinated https://t.co/IotYY5Fl03 — Susan Ferrechio (@susanferrechio) May 20, 2021 Speaker Pelosi says she won’t let Congress become “a Petri dish because of the selfishness of some not to be vaccinated.” Masks remain mandatory until the House physician says otherwise. pic.twitter.com/yYhK6GQ4hh — Scott Dworkin […]

#1: Supreme Court Makes BOMBSHELL Decision – This Is GREAT News

NEW: SCOTUS unanimously rules in favor of a man who said the police violated his 4th Amendment right when they entered his home and seized his guns without a warrant – NPR — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) May 18, 2021 Big victory today for the 2nd and 4th amendments as SCOTUS ruled 9-0 today that law enforcement […]

#1: The Media Is Pushing The “Big Lie” – Don’t Fall For It

When the media and other prominent Democrats all the way up to Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter spent four years hysterically repeating that Donald Trump was a traitor who colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election, we didn't call that a "big lie." Why is that? — Mollie (@MZHemingway) May 16, 2021 That lie […]

#1: Joe Biden Just BLOCKED It – White House Under Fire

BREAKING: The U.S. blocked a UN Security Council statement demanding a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, reports @AFP. It is the third time the U.S. has blocked a resolution. Israeli airstrikes have killed about 200 Palestinians in Gaza including 58 children. pic.twitter.com/rjybDHBRK3 — AJ+ (@ajplus) May 17, 2021 White House defends not publicly calling for […]