#4: They Closed Down The Border – Shock News

We’re back in panic mode. Israel to close border, airports to non-citizen international travelers for 14 days due to Omicron varianthttps://t.co/BltlQi5ZWT — Fox News (@FoxNews) November 28, 2021

#4: The End – Liberal Reign Of Terror Is OVER

There is nobody on planet earth who can explain why some stadiums are full and some aren’t right now. Or why there is still curfew in some places and some not. End it. Back to normal now. Not tomorrow. Now — Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) May 25, 2021

#4: Shocking Video EXPOSES The Truth – Joe Biden Can’t Keep Ignoring This

Drone video shows dozens of illegal aliens rushing outnumbered Border Patrol agents in mad dash into Texas https://t.co/8ZWt9q8vNv — TheBlaze (@theblaze) May 24, 2021 More fentanyl has been seized by CBP so far in 2021 than in all of 2020. Biden’s border crisis is leading to a boom in criminal activity, and it’s making the […]

#4: Racial HOAX Exposed By Authorities – This Is Disgusting

Police in White Bear Lake, MN have used forensics to determine that the creator of an Instagram account from which racist private messages were sent was a black female student https://t.co/MZQETxa5Ik — Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) May 23, 2021 Of course not. White Bear Lake Police Department said there will NO CHARGES for the black girl […]

#4: Media Corruption Exposed – Scandal Rocks Democrats

CNN's handling of Chris Cuomo's media scandal panned by experts: 'Miserable job' that deceived viewershttps://t.co/s8coerapai — Fox News (@FoxNews) May 21, 2021 The problem isn't that Chris Cuomo covered his brother while advising him. It's that the entire establishment media is just Chris Cuomo writ large. — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) May 21, 2021 Just idly […]

#4: Announcement ROCKS The Market – They Are Cracking Down

JUST IN – U.S. Treasury calls for transfers of cryptocurrencies like #Bitcoin over $10,000 to be reported to IRS as means to limit illegal activity, including tax evasion. — Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) May 20, 2021 #Bitcoin is a ‘worthless ponzi scheme’…until it’s tax time and the IRS wants a piece. Why do they want your […]

#4: Horrific Violence Caught On Tape – Flashback to 1939

Mob of pro-Palestinian thugs ask LA diners if any of them are 'Jews,' witness says. Then brave mob beats up two Jewish men. https://t.co/muKZjjEtMT — TheBlaze (@theblaze) May 19, 2021 🚨🚨 Tonight pro-Palestinian individuals were driving with megaphones around La Cienega & Beverly (a heavily Jewish area) in Los Angeles and threw objects at Jews […]

#4: Liberals Humiliate Themselves – This Is Ludicrous

Whatever happened to “Follow the science”? A significant portion of the public still believes in wearing a mask outside regardless of guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), according to a recent survey. https://t.co/QK3IY0MZLj — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) May 18, 2021 Wearing a mask when it is not medically necessary is grotesque […]

#4: Liberals Claim Another Victory – This Is Insanity

It’s starting. https://t.co/UDK1q58JjB — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) May 17, 2021 MCSO: Alabama Rep. Shane Stringer no longer a captain with the sheriff's office https://t.co/VAu5VcVfeG — FOX10News | WALA (@FOX10News) May 14, 2021 Stringer was fired as a deputy sheriff by Sheriff Sam Cochran for sponsoring permitless carry legislation.https://t.co/tV5Z3q3Hig — Alabama Political Reporter (@ALReporter) May 17, […]