Alec Baldwin Goes DOWN – Biden Gives Up – Pelosi Loses Another One


Alec Baldwin pointed a gun at his cinematographer and pulled the trigger, accidentally killing her. While it was an accident, he’s not off the hook. The New York Post reports: Authorities in Santa Fe, New Mexico issued a search warrant on Thursday for Alec Baldwin’s cell phone to probe the death of the cinematographer he fatally […]

Supreme Court hands oil companies massive win over climate change alarmists

Supreme Court

While the fossil fuel industry thrived under former President Donald Trump, the major oil companies included in the industry will undoubtedly face new and potentially devastating challenges under President Joe Biden. However, according to the Washington Examiner, a handful of major oil companies responsible for the refinement of the bulk of America’s oil received good […]

Hannity warns of Biden’s deteriorating cognitive state: ‘We all see it’

Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, questions about then-candidate Joe Biden’s cognitive status repeatedly came to the forefront, and now that he has been on the job in the Oval Office for roughly four months, those concerns show no sign of abating, according to one prime time cable news star. During his Thursday evening Fox News […]

Biden admin official admits need for Keystone pipeline

Laid off Keystone XL pipeline workers are blaming their firings on Joe Biden – and they aren’t mincing words. The Washington Examiner reports: Peter Bardeson, the business manager for the Laborers, Local 620 union in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, agrees. “How do they lay their heads down at night knowing they’re supposed to be protecting […]

Five Oregon counties vote to join Idaho on Tuesday

Rural Oregonians have voted to secede from their state in an effort to become part of the state of Idaho, according to a report by Breitbart News.  There were five counties that voted to remove themselves from Oregon and join Idaho on Tuesday, according to details offered by The Idaho Statesman  “Voters in Sherman, Lake, Grant, […]

Biden’s team “calls a lid” just four hours after he returned from a long weekend

When former President Donald Trump was in the White House, most of the public likely wasn’t aware of the phrase “calling a lid,” as Trump worked tirelessly and transparently for all Americans, virtually around the clock. That’s certainly not the case with President Joe Biden, which was evidenced once again after an extended weekend at […]

Report: Biden admin forcing key border enforcement official from post

The Washington Examiner reports that the Biden administration has forced a senior law enforcement official from his position with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB), the latest in a series of shakeups designed to obtain greater alignment between the president’s immigration policies and the personnel on the ground. According to two sources close to the […]