Supreme Court reversal stuns White House | and more…

Yesterday, it seemed like Michelle Childs was a shoo-in for the Supreme Court position that will be vacated by Justice Stephen Breyer at the end of the Supreme Court term. Today, in a sudden reversal of fortune, Childs is coming under increasing scrutiny from the far-left, and risks being vetoed for the position before she’s formally nominated. 

Given that Childs is the only candidate mentioned so far by the White House, and that she has the backing of Biden associate James Clyburn, this has to have the White House on edge.

Child’s offense? According to the Hill: “Jeff Hauser, the executive director of the progressive Revolving Door Project, said that Childs’s background as a management-side labor attorney is “conspicuous” among Biden’s judicial appointments so far and that it raises questions that need to be answered.”

Given that Childs is an extreme leftist on most issues, this is definitely a case of the “revolution eating its own.” Grab some popcorn, folks, it’s definitely going to be interesting.

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