Supreme Court issues statement on Gorsuch and Sotomayor | and more…

The Supreme Court issued a rare public statement on a political controversy on Wednesday, smacking down liberal media disinformation that suggested that Justice Neil Gorsuch had refused to wear a mask in oral arguments, thus forcing Justice Sonia Sotomayor to attend via zoom.

Fox reports:

Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Sonia Sotomayor issued a joint statement Wednesday disputing a recent NPR report as “false” after the liberal media organization claimed the conservative justice refused to wear a mask on the bench despite requests to do so.

“Reporting that Justice Sotomayor asked Justice Gorsuch to wear a mask surprised us. It is false. While we may sometimes disagree about the law, we are warm colleagues and friends,” Gorsuch and Sotomayor said in a joint statement to the media.

The false information was pushed out by NPR’s Nina Totenberg, but she’s still active on social media and hasn’t been banned, suspended or removed as a purveyor of disinformation.

When your liberal friends or relatives tell you that you’ve been brainwashed by “conspiracy theories” and “misinformation” ask them if they listen to the mainstream media. If they do, they’re the brainwashed ones.

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