Supreme Court ends Trump’s appeal against January 6 committee

In a blow to the powers of executive privilege, the Supreme Court has ended former President Trump’s appeal to maintain privilege over documents relating to January 6th.

Business Insider reports:

“The Supreme Court on Tuesday officially denied former President Donald Trump’s request to review the January 6 select committee’s bid for White House records.

The decision was widely expected after the high court previously declined Trump’s request to block the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) from turning over several tranches of executive branch documents to the select committee.

Trump asserted executive privilege over the documents when the committee initially requested them. But the Biden White House declined to do the same, saying in October that it was “not in the best interests of the United States,” and authorized the National Archives to turn over the materials to Congress.

Trump filed a lawsuit in response, setting up the first constitutional showdown testing whether a sitting president has the right to overrule their predecessor’s assertion of executive privilege.”

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court, as well as lower court judges, denied that lawsuit, ensuring that the documents will eventually become public. Brace yourselves.