Supreme Court ENDS It – Trump Falls – Top Official Is Dead

In big news for death penalty advocates, the Supreme Court declined to stop the execution of Ernest Johnson on the eve on his execution.

Johnson robbed a convenience store in 1994, and killed three people for $1,700 to support his drug habit. The way he killed them was horrific – Johnson used a hammer and screwdriver to bludgeon Mary Bratcher, 46, Mable Scruggs, 57, and Fred Jones, 58.

You won’t hear that from the media though. Quite the opposite. Instead of focusing on Mr. Johnson’s horrific crimes, the media is accusing the state of Missouri of being the real villain here. Everyone from left-wing congresspeople to Pope Francis himself are calling for mercy that Johnson himself showed none of.

Here’s the thing that really bugs me. To find out what Johnson REALLY did, I had to dig deep. Take for example, the first result on Google, a story from NBC News. The story doesn’t mention that Johnson killed his victims with a claw hammer until paragraph 20!

For the first 19 paragraphs, the story talks about how the killings were “almost three decades ago” (as if that makes it any better), explains that racial disparities in the death penalty are the real issue (I support the death penalty for all hammer-killers regardless of race) and whines that Johnson is intellectually impaired because he lost brain tissue in a tumor removal (that happened in 2008, 14 years after he brutally hacked the victims to death).

Give me a break. This piece of propaganda is following the tried and true Marxist formula of making the predator into a victim. Meanwhile, the real victims are shoved aside heartlessly.

Our society needs real justice for crime victims – and real justice for vile killers like Ernest Johnson too. Thank goodness the Supreme Court did the right thing.

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