Supreme Court ENDS It – Biden Collapses – Waukesha Massacre Horror

1) The Supreme Court is hearing the case that could end it. Or not. Carrie Severino writes:

The Supreme Court this week will hear arguments in the most consequential abortion case since Roe v. Wade. The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, presents the court with the opportunity to overturn Roe and correct one of greatest acts of judicial arrogance in history.

The conventional wisdom is that overturning Roe would cause massive societal upheaval and indelibly damage the court’s legitimacy. In fact, the reality is just the opposite. Overturning Roe will only strengthen the court’s integrity, while perpetuating Roe’s constitutional error under outside pressure would confirm criticisms that the justices are behaving as politicians rather than judges.

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2) Biden’s numbers are collapsing, but he isn’t listening. Charles Lipson writes:

Plummeting polls are sending a clear message to the Biden administration, but the president is deaf, dumb and blind to it. And it’s not just the polls. Take congressional retirements. Democrats who chair congressional committees, reading the grim poll numbers, figure life will be a lot more comfortable as highly paid lobbyists than as powerless minority members. They are retiring in droves. Historically, retirements by well-informed insiders are strong predictors of the next House majority.

Could the message to politicians be any clearer? Any louder? Somehow, though, it’s still not getting through to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. They are determined to cling to their unpopular policies, always defending them as “social justice.”

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3) The silence on the Waukesha massacre is deafening.

Is silence still violence? If it is, then a whole lot of people, from the Hollywood set to the virtue-signalling left, are guilty of some serious violence right now. Their silence on the Waukesha massacre, on the slaughter of six innocents by a man wielding his SUV as a deadly weapon, is deafening. More than that, it is sinister. Dancing grannies, an eight-year-old boy, people singing and cheering at a Christmas parade, all mown down. Six killed, 62 injured, in what police are treating as a suspected act of intentional homicide. That is, mass murder. And yet there’s been nothing from Hollywood stars who normally love to hold forth on terrible acts of violence. Influencers seem to have been struck dumb. There are no blacked-out squares on Instagram. The big woke corporations aren’t pumping out pained, concerned press releases. It’s just tumbleweed, everywhere.

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