Supreme Court DENIES emergency request to end mask mandate on planes

The Supreme Court said no to an emergency request to end the TSA’s mask mandate for air travel on Tuesday, a result that belies the accusations of right-wing bias from the left.

Fox reports:

The case was filed by Florida father Michael Seklecki and his 4-year-old son who is autistic who cannot tolerate wearing masks but must fly to Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts for regular medical care.

The other plaintiff in the case is Lucas Wall, a Washington D.C. resident who, according to court documents, is “stranded at his mother’s residence in The Villages, Florida, because TSA banned him from boarding a flight out of Orlando International Airport on June 2, 2021, solely because he can’t wear a face mask due to his Generalized Anxiety Disorder.”

The court didn’t offer an explanation for its decision to deny the hearing.

Right-wing Twitter had some unkind things to say about the decision.