Supreme Court delivers a beatdown to New York Times | and more…

The New York Supreme Court just delivered a beatdown to the New York Times over their hit-and-run journalism against a conservative media organization, Project Veritas.

The Times likely obtained the material from FBI leakers after a raid of Project Veritas. Red State notes:

Remember, this is the New York Supreme Court we are talking about, one of the more liberal bodies in the country. Yet, they simply weren’t buying the idea that it’s proper for the government to illegally leak privileged memos to a news organization about a defamation case that the same news organization is embroiled in.

Think about how crazy that is. Project Veritas sues the Times. The FBI then raids Project Veritas for an “unrelated” matter. Then memos protected by attorney-client privilege about that lawsuit are leaked to the Times, which then publishes some of them in an attempt to harm Project Veritas further. That’s enough corruption to make many third-world countries blush. And the Times apparently thought they could get away with it. That’s how brazen the leftwing media has become.

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