Supreme Court DECIDES – Vax Tyrants Give Up – Biden Caught In Creepy Video

The Supreme Court just ordered Biden’s DHS to reinstate the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. PJ Media reports:

Reluctantly, the Biden administration is complying with a Supreme Court order to reestablish the Migrant Protection Protocols — the “Remain in Mexico” policy — after a federal judge ordered the administration to comply.

It’s an absolute shame that the Supreme Court even had to step in to force President Biden to do want he should have been doing all along – protect the country he was elected to lead.

Of course, the radical left will scream that remain in Mexico is inhumane – but the real inhumanity is the policies of the Biden administration that are creating a massive border crisis complete with migrant caravans and rampant human trafficking.

When it comes to immigration, we have to enforce the law first.

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