Supreme Court Breaks Dems – Virginia Red-Pilled – Top MSNBC Star TERRIFIED

1) The Supreme Court is poised to break liberals’ hearts on gun issues. Jonathan Turley writes:

The current court membership is arguably the strongest Second Amendment bench in decades. That includes Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who wrote a strong defense of the Second Amendment as an appellate judge. While it is always dangerous to predict outcomes before the court, this case was accepted with a likely intent to reverse the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (which also upheld the earlier restrictive law).

The court is likely to continue to recognize reasonable limitations, including possibly some location-based limits. However, it may create a clear presumption in favor of law-abiding citizens to bear arms outside of the home. The natural default under the Second Amendment in favor of gun owners is likely to be strengthened.

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2) Virginia gets red-pilled – here’s how it went down. Matt Tabbai writes:

The drama that played out in upscale Loudoun County, Virginia over the last year or so, and cost Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe the governorship last night, is a book waiting to be written. In fact, if companies like HBO or Netflix have any sense, it will soon be a movie as well, because almost every hot-button issue in American national politics was rolled up somewhere in this sprawling, preposterous, rage-filled suburban drama.

I met people who didn’t care about “Critical Race Theory,” if they even knew what it was, but were still offended by the existence of a closed Facebook group — the “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” — that contains six school board members and apparently compiled a list of parents deemed insufficiently supportive of “racial equity efforts.”

The significance of Youngkin’s win is that it signals Republican competitiveness in those districts again, something that would have been unthinkable even a year ago. These white-collar, highly educated voters, the kind of people who get their shots, don’t watch wrestling, and send their kids to Harvard and Princeton, are the Democratic Party’s base. It took something pretty weird and intense to drive them to defection, and don’t trust anyone who tries to explain it in a tweet. This one really is a long story, and a wild one at that.

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3) Top MSNBC star Joy Reid is terrified because she’s finally met someone she can’t bully – Virginia’s new lieutenant governor Winsome Sears.