State Of Emergency DECLARED – Conservative Star QUITTING – Biden CAUGHT In Shock Photo

New York is declaring an emergency and suspending important medical procedures supposedly due to the “Omnicron” variant of the coronavirus.

Here’s the thing – there are no documented cases of the Omnicron variant in the United States. Zero. Zip. Nada.

So how is this a state of emergency? Why are hospitals “overwhelmed?” Could it have something to do with the fact that New York has been firing health care workers due to the vaccine mandate?

I think we all know the answer is yes.

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He’s quitting: Newsmax star and former Trump campaign aide Steve Cortes is leaving the network over the vaccination policy. Newsmax is trash for enforcing an unconstitutional mandate and then calling themselves “conservative.”

Joe Biden was photographed shopping indoors without a mask in Nantucket – against local mandates. Rules for thee and not for me, again.

A new poll shows that 9 of the 10 most popular governors in America are Republicans.

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