Speaker Pelosi now declares the left’s ‘Defund the Police’ movement ‘is dead’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just declared the radical left’s “defund the police” movement to be dead, The Daily Wire reports

What’s more, Pelosi is suddenly now pushing for “community safety.”

Pelosi takes aim

Pelosi spoke out against the ridiculous defund the police movement Sunday during an appearance on ABC’s This Week.

There, host George Stephanopoulos said:

The other thing that’s weighing on people right now is rising crime. And, there appear to be some divisions among Democrats about how to handle it. Your colleague Karen Bass, running for mayor of Los Angeles, is trying to increase the police force in L.A. Cori Bush, congresswoman from Missouri, is saying time to defund the police. She is sticking by that.

With that preface, Stephanopoulos asked Pelosi, “You’re the speaker. How do you think Democrats should address rising crime?”

“Well, with all the respect in the world for Cori Bush,” Pelosi replied, “that is not the position of the Democratic Party.”

Then, what is?

According to Pelosi, believe it or not, the new position of the Dem Party is apparently “community safety, to protect and defend in every way.” She told Stephanopoulos that this “is our oath of office.”

Pelosi added that she has “sympathy” with those looking to reform American policing. She went on to claim that the Democratic Party, in general, is “concerned about the mistreatment of people.”

Accordingly, Pelosi said that Democrats will continue to try to push various policing reforms, such as eliminating no-knock warrants and chokeholds. However, Pelosi insisted, in strong terms, that defunding the police is not the Democrats’ policy going forward.

“Make no mistake, community safety is our responsibility. And, I quote one of my colleagues from New York, Ritchie Torres, a brand new member of Congress, way on the left, saying that ‘defund the police’ is dead. That causes a concern with a few in our caucus. But public safety is our responsibility,” Pelosi said.

Coincidence or not?

Do you think Pelosi’s reversal on defunding the police has anything to do with the fact that it’s an election year and because the Dem Party has been hammered for contributing to soaring crime statistics following their push to defund the police? Many do.

Democrats are desperate to win, so it’s not surprising to expect them to say and do whatever it takes to get votes, even if it means completely reversing their position on a policy that they so heavily supported over the past several years.