South Dakotans claim Biden ‘does not care’ about small-town America: ‘If he did, Keystone would be gone.’

Residents of a small South Dakota hamlet believe President Biden has been “totally worthless” and “has done nothing for us” as their community deals with the consequences of the Keystone XL Pipeline suspension.

President Biden’s tagline after canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline should be “butchering flourishing business,” according to an energy CEO.

Paulette, a Philip resident, told Fox News. “Keystone would be leaving if he cared.”  “He doesn’t give a damn.” On his first day in office, Biden canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline’s building permit, citing worries about the pipeline’s possible impact on the climate.

“From where I’m standing, Biden and his administration ran on Build Back Better, which is a lot of nonsense,” West Central Electric Cooperative CEO Jeff Birkeland told Fox News. “I propose butchering thriving business as his new slogan.”

The Keystone XL Pipeline, according to Birkeland, was a “once-in-a-lifetime chance” for Philip, a town of 779 people. According to him, the initiative would have brought extraordinary growth to their otherwise stagnant community.

According to the energy CEO, West Central Electric Cooperative, based in Philip, was one of three South Dakota electric cooperatives working on Keystone pipeline substations. When Biden suspended the project after one day in office, Birkeland’s co-op had spent $9 million.

Birkeland remarked, “He’s yanked the rug out from under us and decimated our economy.”

The impact of Biden’s decision to stop the pipeline, Paulette told Fox News “was enormous. This place was not kind to him.” “A lot of money was going to come in here to aid our schools and our community,” she concluded. “It looked like it was going to be a wonderful deal, but he blew it.”

“There’s no logical sense in shutting down pipelines and then turning around and having a problem with not having enough oil,” Duane Adair, manager of the town’s only motel, the Motel West, said.

According to AAA, petrol prices touched an all-time high for three days this week, with the national average reaching $4.35 per gallon on Thursday. In reaction to Moscow’s war on Ukraine, Biden imposed a restriction on Russian oil and gas imports on Tuesday.