Shock Virginia News – Biden Gets Awful Intel – Dems Lose Their Minds

1) Shock Virginia news – the unthinkable is happening. Glenn Younkin writes:

The most basic obligation of any Virginia school is to provide all children a high-quality education. Today, Virginia finds itself at a defining moment – one that will not only impact current students but will forever shape the environment in which future generations of children will learn and thrive.

Virginians are unifying around a vision of better schools, safer streets, lower cost of living, and more good-paying jobs. It’s time to reinvigorate, restart, and build a new day for Virginia, where we soar and never settle. A new day where all Virginians can achieve the great Virginia promise.

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2) Biden gets more terrible news. Byron York writes:

NOTE TO DEMOCRATS: IT’S NOT 2020 ANYMORE. There’s been a lot of attention paid to President Joe Biden’s falling job approval rating. And it is indeed going down, down, down. But along with confidence in the president, the public is also losing faith in the Democratic Party’s ability to handle the issues that most concern voters today. It’s been a long fall for both Biden and his party since they narrowly won control in Washington one year ago this week.

A new NBC News poll has Biden’s job approval rating at 42% among all adults, with a disapproval rating of 54%. That’s 12 points underwater, and it is roughly in line with a number of other recent surveys.

On the most important issue to voters at this moment — the economy — Biden is in a terrible position.

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3) Democrats are losing their minds. Jim Treacher writes:

Two “news” stories broke over the weekend, and they have one thing in common: Political operatives, including journalists who claim not to be political operatives, frantically tried to protect Democrat politicians and in the process made hilarious fools of themselves.

Just in time for Halloween, a few young people decided to cosplay as Charlottesville Neo-Nazis, complete with tiki torches. They stood in front of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus and claimed to be his supporters. Y’know, like ya do.

On one hand, the Lincoln Project is stupid enough to think this stunt would work. On the other hand, the Lincoln Project is underhanded enough to take responsibility for this incredibly dumb hoax, thereby taking the heat off the Virginia Democrats who were actually standing in front of Youngkin’s bus.

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