Shock Arrest Stuns Country – Media Star TURNS On Biden – Maxine Waters Get Nightmare News

If you think things couldn’t get any more 1984, listen to this. Fox reports:

A married couple who tested positive for COVID-19 left their hotel quarantine and were arrested in an “airplane that was about to” leave the country, Dutch military police said, according to a report.

Reuters reported that the married couple was been handed over to health authorities. They were not identified.

That’s right. The nightmare Covid authoritarian state is here…and all that’s needed to lock you up is an unsubstantiated rumor of a new variant, then poof! go your rights.

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The mainstream media is turning on Joe Biden. One of his most slavish apologists, NBC’s Chuck Todd, actually turned on Biden on the issue of Covid. Ultimately, this is also a political problem,” Todd said Sunday. “Biden ran on taming the pandemic and he prematurely declared independence from the virus back in July.”

Republicans have a hitlist of Democrats that they’ll remove from committees if they win back power. On the list are Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, Eric Swallwell, and Adam Schiff.

New York Post: โ€˜More money than God:โ€™ Chinese titan lavished Hunter Biden with 3-carat gem, offer of $30 million. The first family of corruption.

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