Senate Democrats considering summoning Elon Musk to testify on buying of Twitter

According to reports, some Senate Democrats are considering inviting Tesla CEO Elon Musk to testify about his plans for Twitter following his $44 billion purchase of the social media behemoth.

After Elon Musk’s successful bid to purchase Twitter, Senate Democrats are suddenly interested in fairness on social media.

The billionaire has stated that he does not approve of the far left’s efforts to silence critics, and he intends to reverse that. Democrats in the Senate may now drag him in to examine his plans for the social media behemoth.

When questioned by Bloomberg News about grilling Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink CEO Elon Musk, Senate Commerce Chair Maria Cantwell responded, “We’re thinking about it.”

Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, a Democrat, stated, “It’s a technology which is central to democracy and our economy, and it’s important for the representatives of the American people to hear what the new owners intend to do with that technology.” “We have to understand if there will be censorship or not, whether there will be content moderation or not, because that will be the new owner’s policy.”

“I think that’s a necessary role for Congress to play in terms of what values this business is going to be creating for the new Elon Musk Twitter world,” he said.

Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, a Democrat, said Musk should tell Congress about his ambitions for Twitter.

“There is a powerful imperative to ask him to tell Congress and the American people how he’s going to address the concerns that we’ve raised,” he said.

On Friday, the billionaire, whose bid to buy Twitter was recently approved by the company’s board of directors, wrote a tweet that rocked liberals.

“The far left hates everyone, including themselves!” he tweeted. He then followed up with a tepid criticism of the “far-right” in another tweet.

“But I’m no fan of the far-right either. Let’s have less hate and more love,” he said.

It happened after he revealed himself growing more right-leaning in a tweet he wrote on Thursday.