Sen. Manchin termed Biden’s move to lift Title 42 border policy “frightening decision”

Senator. Joe Manchin, slammed the Biden administration’s decision to lift the Title 42 border policy at the end of May, calling it a “frightening decision” that will “only worsen” the situation in the months ahead.

In a statement, Manchin stated, “Today’s pronouncement by the [Centers for Disease Control] and the Biden administration is a frightening decision.”

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak on May 23, the CDC has declared that it will lift the Title 42 public health policy, which has been used by both the Trump and Biden administrations to promptly eject migrants at the southern border.

“After considering current public health conditions and increased availability of tools to combat COVID-19 (such as highly effective vaccines and therapeutics), the CDC Director has determined that an Order suspending the right to introduce migrants into the United States is no longer necessary,” the CDC said in a statement earlier on Friday.

While Title 42 is a public health directive rather than an immigration policy, it has become one of the most important border measures in force as the United States continues to face a border crisis. Due to the injunction, around 55% of migrants were repatriated rather than being released into the United States in February.

However, along with Republicans and border authorities, several centrist Democrats are concerned that such a move may result in an increase in the already large numbers at the border.

Title 42 has been “essential” in countering COVID-19 and reducing migrant flows, according to Manchin, who urged the administration to make it permanent earlier this week.

“We’re already seeing an unprecedented influx of migrants this year,” he said, adding that if the administration’s Title 42 policy is repealed, things would only get worse. We’re not even close to being ready to deal with that onslaught.”

Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-New Hampshire, has stated her concerns about an impending immigration wave.

“Ending Title 42 prematurely will almost certainly result in a migratory surge for which the administration appears unprepared,” she said.