Russia plans to invade Ukraine, intelligence analysts say

The situation in Ukraine is escalating – and US intelligence has some chilling news on Russian plans.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Russia would be able to overrun Ukraine in just two days in an invasion that could kill 50,000 civilians, according to US intelligence.

Western intelligence assessments also believe Kyiv’s government would fall within that timeframe, and lead to a humanitarian crisis involving around 5million refugees.

The likelihood of a diplomatic resolution of the crisis appears to be increasingly slim, the analysis concluded.”

So what does Putin want? According to the Mail:

“Putin has continued to deny plans to attack Ukraine but urged the US and its allies to provide a binding pledge that they do not accept the former Soviet state into NATO or deploy offensive weapons.

He also wants them to roll back the alliance deployments to Eastern Europe – all demands which have been flatly rejected.”

So what is Biden doing? Nothing really: