Russia goes after Finland, Sweden | and more…

History tells us that when a crazed dictator attacks one nation – he’s unlikely to stop there. And just as we feared, it looks like Putin won’t stop with Ukraine.

The Daily Wire reports:

Russia threatened two more European nations on Friday that if they attempt to join NATO they will face “serious military and political repercussions” from Russia. The threat comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to invade Ukraine this week.

Of course, Finland and Sweden both have long histories of conflict with Russia, most recently the Winter war during the early days of WWII, when Stalin’s forces were picked apart by expert Finnish marksmen. If Putin wants to fight, he’ll have his hands full.

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Breitbart: The Biden administration announced Saturday it is providing an additional $350 million in military assistance to Ukraine as it battles a Russian military offensive.

Daily Mail: Remarkable Sky News footage shows hundreds of Ukrainian civilians making their own Molotov cocktails as part of efforts to arm themselves against Russian attackers. The Sky News report from Dnipro shows a crowd of people grating up polystyrene and putting it into bottles.

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