Russia admits that young conscripts have been sent to war in Ukraine

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov contradicted Russian President Vladimir Putin by confirming that young Russian conscripts have been sent to fight in Ukraine.

In a statement made on Wednesday, Konashenkov said, “Unfortunately, some facts have come to light about the presence of conscript servicemen among the Russian armed forces conducting the special military operation on Ukrainian territory.”

Konashenkov did follow that up by claiming that “Practically all of the conscripts have been returned to the territory of the Russian Federation.”

The revelation about Russia forcing its young conscripts into war is a terrible look for Putin. As the invasion of Ukraine has stretched into a weeks-long endeavor and losses mount, Putin is facing increasing anger from the Russian people.

Putin looks even worse as he promised his people that only “professional” soldiers had been sent into Ukraine.

Putin needs to ensure he has the support of the people, which explains why he issued an order prior to the invasion that no conscripts were to be used in the invasion. That order clearly wasn’t followed, and it led to some conscripts being captured by Ukrainian forces.

Furthermore, using conscripts in the invasion is a massive liability as those conscripts weren’t likely to hold out in prolonged combat against motivated and well-equipped Ukrainians.

It seems everything has gone wrong for Vladimir Putin, and this conscript scandal could further sway support for the war in Russia.